Tesla flagship vehicles became even better

Yesterday Tesla announced the major upgrade of its flagship vehicles. The upgrade affects both models’ specs, as well as the lineup itself. Read further for details.

New drivetrain
Both Model S and Model X got permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors, initially developed for Model 3. Tesla claims this drivetrain to be much more effective, and announced over 10% range increase. According to official data, new Model S and Model X in Long Range spec may reach up to 370 and 325 miles (596 and 523 km) respectively. The greater efficiency is achieved also due to some minor improvements, like silicon carbide power electronics, and improved lubrication, cooling, bearings, and gear designs.

Standard Range versions
Tesla is bringing back the Standard Range versions of Model S and Model X. Starting at $78,000 in the US, the base Model S may travel up to 285 miles on a single charge. Model X starts at $83,000 with a 250 miles range.

Improved charge rate
Both Model S and Model X are charging quicker now. For instance, they are capable of achieving 145 kW charge rate at Supercharger v2 and 200 kW at Supercharger v3. Tesla claims the charging times to be reduced by 50%.

Adaptive air suspension 
Model S and Model X air suspension also received an upgrade. Now it’s fully adaptive, adjusting the damping according to the driving style. The suspension settings were reviewed for better performance – for instance, now it will be a bit lower at high speed for better aerodynamics.

Free Ludicrous Mode
Finally, a great compliment from Tesla for those owners who supported the company and purchased Model S or Model X anytime before. The company will include the $20,000-worth Ludicrous Mode option for free for those Tesla owners, who will change their car for a new one in Performance spec.