Now we can see how Tesla made cells in solar panels invisible from a street view.

Solar panels are common for those who live in sunny regions since it is a great way to save on electricity bills and use green energy to power the home. However, most panels looks not attractive from aesthetical point, not complementing with an overall look of a modern house. Tesla Solar Roof was developed in a way to assure that the roof will look nice, while capturing and saving energy of the sun most efficiently. As a result, solar panels made by Tesla can be hardly distinguished from a regular roof while looking from the street, though the claimed efficiency rate is close to 98%. The technology behind it had been revealed last week with published Tesla patent.

Saying simply, Tesla developed a new type of glass with special louvers reflecting light in a way, that the roof looks opaque from lower angle. However, it is still completely transparent for the light while looking from above.

The patent contains technical description of all five layers of each Solar Roof panel, including backsheet layer, louvers and cells.

By the way, the patent application also suggests the same technology to be applicable for other modes of application. For instance, to give different visible colors and textures to the tiles.

The full text of patent application is available via the link: