New version of Tesla software fixed one of the biggest Model 3 UX issues.

Despite Tesla Model 3 production volume increase, the car gets regular updates bringing some new possibilities for its owners – just as other Tesla models do. Thanks to the Tesla interface, that may become much better and convenient only via software updates.

According to first owners, one of the major Model 3 concerns was the traffic-aware cruise control handling – in order to speed up or slow down the driver had to tap the central screen. Although, little control wheels on a steering wheel are literally made for such settings.

And finally, the latest Model 3 software update brings such functionality to vehicle owners. Now one of the steering wheel controls is responsible for the cruise-control speed adjustment, while another one sets the distance between Tesla and the vehicle in front of it.

The update is already available, so if you are the lucky owner of a new Tesla Model 3 – here’s a pleasant news for you.