Electric cars are becoming more convenient for everyday use. One electric vehicles’ feature that being frequently criticized is the inability of long travels – many think that during such trips EV owners spend as much time on chargers as on the road. Famous Tesla-blogger from Norway Bjørn Nyland disproved this statement with Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD.

Bjørn set the new record and managed to travel 2781 km (1727 miles) in 24 hours, stopping only for charging and switching drivers. The trip was done in realistic conditions – they drove on German autobahns with speeds close to 170 km/h (105 mph) making an average speed of 115 km/h (72 mph). Model 3 was charged on IONITY fast stations up to 50% or so to keep the highest chaging rates to spend least time staying still.

Watch Bjørn’s video about the trip here: