A few years ago there were much more skepticism about Tesla and its ability to produce any serious amount of cars. Though, the automaker climbed on a new level – for instance, in the US Tesla Model 3 is outselling such popular cars as Mercedes C-Class и BMW 3-Series.

However, for a last few years there was a Chinese giant leading the pack of electric vehicles producers — BYD has been selling large quantities of EVs, thanks to the incredibly large domestic market. In general, BYD’s business has a scary scale, compared to a yesterday’s Silicon Valley startup.

Finally by the end of 2019 Tesla became the world’s largest electric vehicles producer. According to EV-Volumes.com the company delivered 807,954 electric cars by October 2019. On the other hand, BYD’s result is not so impressive with 787,150 electrified vehicles – including 100% electric and plug-in hybrids combined.

Seemingly, the informal competition between companies goes further. BYD enters foreign markets with its electric trucks and buses, while Tesla launches its giant factory in Shanghai with incredible pace. Chinese Gigafactory 3 already launched Tesla Model 3 production, meaning that BYD’s most important competitor just came to its local field.