Several European countries now have some restrictions for heavy trucks. Those vehicles weighting over 7.5 tons and semi-trailers are not allowed to drive on holidays and on Sundays from 00:00 to 22:00. The main goal of such restrictions is to decrease the air and noise pollution.

Those rules do not have any exceptions based on the vehicle type, however, electric trucks do not pollute the air and do not produce so much noise as diesel trucks.

According to Business Insider Germany, Tesla representatives met with Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMVI, Steffen Bilger in Berlin. Electric trucks exemption from the Sunday drive ban was one of the conversation points that was also confirmed by the Federal Ministry of Transport. Probably, German government would agree with the law change proposal, which would make Tesla Semi very advantageous for logistics companies – despite the lower ownership costs, such trucks would be able to work one additional day per week.