One of Tesla Semi’s biggest features may bring huge commercial benefits to trucking companies.

The joint road tests are performed by several companies, including Hino Motors, Isuzu Motors, Volvo Group’s UD Trucks и Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus (Daimler’s subsidiary), as well as Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Japanese government has their own interest in the project, since there is a great shortage of experienced truck drivers in the country.

The subject of road tests is represented by a caravan of three 12-meters long trailers. All vehicles are equipped with advanced cruise control and vehicle-to-vehicle machine communication. The distance between trucks is measured by several cameras and radars, allowing the AI to react immediately – for instance, to adjust the distance between trailers for the safest possible driving.

Now there is a human driver behind the steering wheel of each truck, though, by 2020 AI should be able to act completely on its own. Presumably, the technology should enter market by 2022.