Such assumption was made by Porsche CEO Oliver Blume.

Now the company prepares to launch their first all-electric car – Porsche Mission E. This car is being designed and tested quite thoroughly mainly because Porsche is more than just a car brand for a large part of its fans and owners – thus, the company won’t ever launch a car where driving performance is sacrificed for the sake of sustainable fuel drivetrain.

However, the progress is inevitable and Porsche has to adapt to a new reality. That is why the brand’s lineup will have to be updated, resulting finally a complete transition to electric power. According to one of the latest Oliver Blume’s interview, this may end up in 2030.

Definitely, the transition should be going gradually. The nearest years for Porsche should bring more plug-in hybrids and a few all-electric models, smoothly getting to the point where we won’t find a single gas-powered Porsche in dealerships.