Massive torque and reliable drivetrains are the things resuting electric cars’ great towing capacity. However, it is still more habitual to expect such capabilities from huge cars like SUVs and pickup trucks.

Though, this week Polestar announced that their compact sedan Polestar 2 (coming to the market in 2020) would probably be the mightiest from its segment in towing discipline. The automaker claims it to get 3,300 lbs (1,500 kg) of towing capacity. In comparison, Polestar 2’s main competition Tesla Model 3 is capable of towing only 2,000 lbs (910 kg). Obviously, we speak about the official technical specs and not both cars’ real-world highest capabilities.

Moreover, Polestar will make the tow bar available as additional equipment for Polestar 2. In Europe it would cost around 1,100 euro.