According to the increase refers both to pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Electrified cars gets more popular from year to year. 2017 was quite successful for the industry in terms of sales, though Q1 2018 statistics shows even more positive results.

According to, about 312,400 new plug-in vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide during first 3 months of 2018. Compared to Q1 2017 it shows a 59% rise, including 52% increase in all-electric vehicles sales and 69% rise in sales of plug-in hybrids.

New Nissan Leaf became the most popular electric car globally – total sales of 22,000 units gives a 44% increase to the last year figures. A great sign of customers acceptance of a new generation Leaf.

Tesla Model 3 also shows quite solid growth in deliveries, though the bigger success is in the nearest future, since the car is yet being delivered only to US and Canada reservation holders. A total of 12,000 Model 3 units were delivered in Q1 2018, while overall Tesla had 1/3rd of total US plug-in market.

Q1 2018 brought several new regions to the rating of most rapidly growing plug-in vehicles markets. The fastest growing one is Finland (+144%), followed by South Korea (+138%), Australia (+132%), The Netherlands (+122%), Canada (+114%) and China (113%).

Unsurprisingly, Norway is leading in EV share in total automotive sales in Q1 2018 with stunning 46%. The closest are Iceland (26%) and Sweden (7%), while in other countries pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids account for 2.5% or less share of total sales.