This interesting EV is made by small Czech startup MW Motors and is almost ready for production.

The car had been presented this April as production-ready version. Luka EV catches attention with its retro-inspire exterior, but that is not the only feature worth your interest.

First of all, Luka EV developers decided to use unusual drivetrain configuration – compact electric car is equipped with 4 in-wheel hub motors with a total output of 50 kW or 66 hp. Those motors get energy from a little 21,9 kWh battery pack; however, that is enough for 300 km (186 miles) of range. It is not that hard to believe after you take a look on other car’s specs – namely, the car’s weight which equals 815 kg (1,800 lbs).

Luka EV production launch is not yet scheduled, though, MW Motors already plans to bring the vehicle to market for about 30,000 EUR (approx. $36,900 USD).