Jaguar is one of a few automakers still not having electric cars in their lineup. However, the situation is going to change in 2 years – following VW and Mazda, Jaguar unveiled its first step on EV field – compact SUV I-Pace.


Streamlined profile line is the first thing to catch an eye in I-Pace: small electric powertrain allowed designers to create a car with low profile and forward-offset cabin, that perfectly blends with agressive Jaguar style. The car is based on aluminium chassis with integrated battery packs (90 kWh in total) and two electric motors. Each engine’s output equals 200 hp and 350 Nm of torque, making the car to make 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds.

Jaguar promises the NEDC range to hit 500 km on a single charge. By the way, the battery pack and electric motor are Jaguar’s own products, though it is not clarified yet whether those components will be produced in-house or delegated to suppliers.


I-Pace instrument panel consists of 12-inch main display, 5.5-inch display below and driver’s digital dash.

Jaguar claims the car to enter production in 2 years – in 2018, while the production version is expected to be presented already next year. Reportedly, the production version won’t differ much from a concept presented last week at the LA Auto Show.

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