We regularly feature news about new countries to plan a full switch to electric vehicles. However, the movement is becoming more local, going already to major cities.


Recent C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City revealed the fact – the mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City are considering reducing of urban air pollution through the ban of most polluting vehicles, including diesel. Although diesel engines produce about 10-15% less impact on climate change than petrol-powered cars, diesel is a source of NOx and particulates – pollutants, known to lead hundreds of premature deaths across Europe each year.

By the way, not only the complete ban is a measure to control the situation. For instance, mayor of Mexico City announced a series of investment in public transport as a key measure to improve air quality.

Since that news may not sound good for traditional automakers, it can be a huge boost for EV producers – especially ones that have electric vans since such cars are quite frequently being equipped with diesel engines.