One of the world’s major automakers aims to take the leading position in electric vehicles market.

So far Ford was some kind of out of the EV game – when huge auto manfacturers are trying hard to compete with Silicon Valley startups, Ford has almost nothing to offer customers willing to be on the wave of latest automotive technologies. However, everything should change by 2022.

Last year Ford got a new CEO Jim Hackett, who’s been working on a new electrification strategy since his appointment. New manager showed his prorities quickly and clearly, transitioning 1/3 of ICE investments into the electric technologies development. And the work turned out to be successful – it resulted a new plan that includes 16 all-electric models and 24 hybrids to be unveiled within next 4 years.

By the way, most of those cars won’t be new models designed from scratch. Instead, Ford is going to take their mainstream vehicles customers are familiar with and electrify those cars. We will see how successful such strategy is in 4 years.