What would tuning companies do when electric cars will be spread all around the world? Considering that solutions they create for ICE vehicles won’t work anymore, it is vital for them to start researching electric powertrains asap.

People in famous Hennessey Performance know this for sure. Recently the company claimed they will start working on electric vehicles with Porsche Taycan being the first project.

Hennessey CEO John Hennessey says that majority of their clients are still fans of the ‘raw’ ICE power, though the more and more of them are switching to electric cars as daily drivers.

First of all, Taycan will be aesthetically modified with more aggressive bodykit, new wheels and exclusive interior. Afterwards, Hennessey should work on a drivetrain modification packages.

There is no reason to doubt Hennessey will make what they claim, considering their previous projects. It is enough to remember only Venom GT – highly modified Lotus Exige with 1200 hp and top speed of 270 mph (over 430 km/h).