Zero_07Despite the obvious perks of EVs’ for global ecology, those vehicles are ultimately convenient for daily use. We are absolutely sure saying this – while having several years of business experience with EVs and a few successfully launched and operating congenerous projects we can tell it based on our clients’ feedback, apart of our own feelings and attitude. We have created Electric Motors Club to show how intelligent and enjoyable daily transportation might be with EVs, and, moreover, to make living the future we could only dream about possible today.

Electric Motors Club purpose lies between catching up with the means of transportation transitioning and its support. We act quite solid, offering:

  • a wide range of electric vehicles: Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, KIA, Smart, Renault, Volkswagen
  • electirc motorcycles and scooters by Zero
  • a variety of personal transport: E-Bike, Segway, Monowheels, Kick Scooter, etc.

Aside from sales we provide professional care and maintenance for all EVs we offer. A huge part of Electric Motors Club is the community where professionals and enthusiasts cooperate to improve the EV experience.

We are open for any discussion and queries – please, feel free to contact and follow us on and social networks.

By the way, our YouTube will be regularly updated with electric vehicles reviews and the latest news. Follow us and stay in touch!