Really unique electric-powered project-cars serves as one of the strongest signs of rising EV popularity. A few days ago we spoke about Mercedes G-class built specially for Arnold Schwarznegger, while today is the turn of even more custom and exclusive thing, balancing on the edge between two opposite automotive eras.


A project seeming to be ridiculous at a first sight is the idea of a group of friends from Canada, inspired by the idea of hitting a racing track with an electric beast. Legendary Cobra is probably the most applicable role model for such aim. So, friends built the chassis and fiberglass body, being a detailed copy of 427 Cobra.

The goal is to have as light-weight vehicle as possible. That is the reason why Kia Soul EV battery pack found its place, since its weight is less than 180 kg (400 lb) considering solid 30 kWh of energy (by the way, other Kia Soul EV specs one may find in our mobile app for iOS and Android).


Kia’s battery will power a motor from Tesla Model S P85, providing very nice 310 kW (421 hp). Considering the lightweight concept, electric Cobra’s dynamics should be a grudge point for many gas-powered supercars.


Project team expects this Cobra to experience racetrack for the first time later this year. At the meantime, they keep on building their car.