A new protocol will allow the ultra-fast charging of vehicles supporting the standard.

ChaDeMo developers simply cannot stay away – Tesla, as well as European and even Chinese automakers work on advanced technologies and upgrades of their EV charging standards. All their efforts are mostly aimed at decreasing the time we spend at the charging station.

ChaDeMo future outlook was presented at the recent conference in Tokyo. The current figures were also presented there, claiming the standard to be the one of the most widespread worldwide – not there are more than 18,000 ChaDeMo chargers deployed in 71 countries. Currently, most of those chargers are capable of 50 kW, 100 and 200 kW are also coming. Although, 400 kW protocol announced matches the performance of latest ultra-fast stations, that are being deployed over the world.

By the way, ChaDeMo association assigns great importance of a new protocol as applied to large vehicles, such as commercial trucks and buses. Those vehicles are equipped with big battery packs, while the commercial application requires the shortest possible downtimes spent for charging.