BMW is going to bring a fleet of i3 Urban Suite to Las Vegas in the beginning of January. Those electric cars will offer taxi rides throughout the city during CES 2020.

Urban Suite is a super comfortable taxi for one passenger. The i3’s interior is totally refreshed: there is no rear seat and front passenger seat, instead it features large armchair with a footrest, foldable screen and a personal sound zone. Beautiful table with an integrated lamp makes the interior more cozy.

BMW i3 Urban Suite interior demonstrates the electric car configuration perks — not all cars may be so easily converted into such shuttle, being so spacious inside and yet compact. To a large extent, it is possible thanks to an electric drivetrain form factor. Eco-friendliness is another major thing about this taxi: it utilizes natural wood in interior finishing and recycled materials that was used to make fabric.

i3 Urban Suite will be presented at the BMW exhibition at CES, when a fleet of such cars will be making taxi rides in Las Vegas — you may call one through an official app.