Bavarian automaker unveiled the electric version of X3 crossover – though as a concept-car so far.

There is not that much differentiating iX3 from a regular X3 except for a new bumpers, alloy wheels and front fascia. The latter is a new BMW i symbol, and this fact may make BMW fans go mad.

However, despite the common exterior, the car is based on a new modular platform, that is expected to allow BMW to develop new electric-powered cars faster. Such technology is essential, since BMW plans to have 25 hybrids and 12 electric cars in its lineup by 2025.

BMW iX3 is equipped with a 70 kWh battery pack allowing for 400 km (250 miles) of range. Engine’s output reaches 270 hp, while the car may be charged to 100% in half an hout at the 150 kW charging rate.

iX3 price is not yet announced. However, reportedly it will be produced at the BMW Brilliance joint venture in China.