It is hard to imagine that a rapid EV development would not touch special vehicles like heavy trucks. Moreover, it already leads to some amazing projects with amazing amounts of energy storage.

Pictures above and below shows the Komatsu dumper truck, retrofitted with electric drivetrain by Swiss company Kuhn Schweiz AG. Massive truck got an electric motor with 800 hp output and 9500 Nm of torque instead of diesel engine (which consumes about 50,000-100,000 liters of diesel per year, by the way).

And we are not done with giant figures yet. Dumper track is equipped with astonishin 700 kWh battery pack, making it the largest electric vehicle today. Additionally, it is claimed that the truck is able to recuperate great amount of energy while going downhill.

This exact truck is made in order to test the application of electric powertrains to such heavy vehicles. In case of success, this project will get its extension as conversion packages for Komatsu trucks.