As well, Polestar’s first vehicle – Polestar 1 – had also been unveiled.

Surprisingly, even though it was announced that Polestar vehicles will feature electric-only drivetrains, its first model turned out to be a plug-in hybrid. However, the main goal of Polestar 1 is to show the brand’s vision and some drivetrain features as well. It sounds even more logical knowing that Polestar aims to produce only 500 Polestar 1 per year.

The car is equipped with a hybrid drivetrain, enabling about 150 kilometers (90 miles) of all-electric range. The total drivetrain’s output equals 600 hp and 1000 Nm of torque. There is no specific data on battery pack or other characteristics yet, however, we know that the coupe’s body is made of carbon fiber.

Noticeably, Polestar 1 will be available via two-three years subscription plans with fixed monthly payments, which would include also some additional services like car wash, charging and so on. Likely, other Polestar models would also be available with such program.