Otto, a startup founded by former Google’s autonomous car program team members and recently acquired by Uber, is working on self-driving trucks. One day ago the company announced its first shipment on the public roads by self-driving car.

An impressive accomplishment had been done with Budweiser – Otto’s truck made a delivery for its partner from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs (USA).The total distance of the trip is a bit more than 130 miles (215 km), 120 of which (193 km) were passed on a fully autonomous mode. Actually, the driver participated in the process only within non-highway roads, and while loading/offloading as well.

Otto hopes to launch its self-driving system for commercial trucking already next year. Though, drivers would be still needed for the logistics of entire process – for instance, at the loading/offloading. However, those are likely to be automated also in coming years, but for the meantime Otto focuses on a maximum safety and efficiency of highway trucking.