Tomahawk is a product of Canadian startup Dubuc Motors, being under developing and prototyping for last few years. Recently the company announced the car to enter production in 2018.

Although the Tomahawk’s design may seem controversial, its technical specifications are really impressive:

– 800 horsepower
– 1355 Nm of torque
– 0-60 mph in 2 sec (Race Mode) or in 4 sec (Street Mode)
– 100 kWh battery, 370 miles of range
– All-wheel drive, 4 electric motors
– Carbon fiber body and chassis
– 2+2 interior seating
– 360 degree live camera
– Active safety technologies, including automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance system.

However, there is still no data on Tomahawk’s actual price. Several pictures and a video of the car – below: