One of Tesla Model X key features (additionally to its astonishing autopilot, Falcon doors, huge windshield, mindblowing acceleration, etc…) is the ability to tow a trailer up to 2.2 tons of weight. The Tow Package equipment actually includes not only the rear mount, but also a special piece of software, capable of braking power distribution in order to keep the trailer safe and stable. This allows Model X owners to travel easily with camping trailers – just as the Canadian family did with their Tesla.


The whole trip took about 3 months and slightly less than 10,000 miles (about 15,000 km). Model X had been charged on camping sites using the regular outlet, since the Supercharger network is not really massive in Canada. By the way, the trailer is ‘green’ also – it uses the top-mounted solar panels to generate energy.

Now just take a look how beautiful the ecological trips might be:

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