Till June 2018 electric cars owners willing to travel on their vehicles from Moscow to Europe or vice versa faced a major obstacle – there were absolutely no public chargers available on the route. On the way from Moscow, the nearest charger was located in Belarus on the distance of over 500 km (310 miles), making it impossible to get there on electric vehicle.

Though, June 11th, 2018, is the day when the road between Moscow and Europe is finally approachable for electric cars owners – Moscow Tesla Club deployed 22 kW EV charging stations in Vyazma and Smolensk. While going from Moscow to Europe, the first charger is located in Vyazma (230 km / 143 miles from Moscow), and the second one in Smolensk (400 km / 248 miles). Next charge may be performed in Belarus with a wide net of chargers located there.

All charging stations deployed are absolutely free for EV drivers.

The project was carried by Moscow Tesla Club and their partners – “Amphora” hotel in Vyazma and “Usadba” hotel in Smolensk, where the stations were deployed. Both hotels provide high level of comfort with great accommodation, SPA, and other services.

“Amphora” hotel in Vyazma:
– Komsomolskaya st., 5A
– tel. +7 (48131) 5-70-47
– info@amforahotel.ru
– http://amforahotel.ru/

“Usadba” hotel in Smolensk:
– Bakunina st., 2
– tel. +7 (4812) 38-59-33, +7 (4812) 38-59-36
– reservation67@yandex.ru
– http://www.smolhotel.ru/