Right after the CYBRTRCK unveiling event it was clear that Tesla pickup truck is going to be popular. The company opened reservations right after the event finished and managed to collect over 250,000 pre-orders in less than a week.

Talking about the truck Elon Musk claimed the least expensive trims (with single and dual motors) to enter production in late 2021, while the most expensive Tri-Motor (capable of 500 miles range and 2.9 sec 0-60 mph) is expected to be launched in late 2022.

Though, taking a look into the reservations details Tesla changes its strategy. Dual Motor and Tri Motor trims are leading with 42% and 41% of total pre-orders respectively, and only 17% wait for the cheapest single-motor trim. Based on those figures, Tesla changed the production timing of CYBRTRCK versions.

Firstly, all CYBRTRCK reservation holders will be able to complete their configurations and finish their orders in late 2021 when the truck’s configurator becomes available. Then, Dual Motor and Tri Motor trims will be the first ones to enter production in late 2021 due to higher demand, while the cheapest RWD truck is scheduled for late 2022.

On picture: Tesla CYBRTRCK prototype spotted near LAX, pic by Cody Simms