Tesla reportedly has great vision for their Supercharger network future. For instance, they planned to reach the total of 18,000 chargers worldwide by the end of 2018 and launch the next-gen Superchargers V3 capable of charging cars much quicker.

However, the growth is not as rapid as planned. Basically, today Tesla owners have an access to about 11,500 Superchargers around the world, meaning that the goal of 18,000 chargers seems impossible to reach in less than a month of 2018. However, Tesla still works to expand the infrastructure.

Yesterday Elon Musk stated that next year should bring some major changes to the network. For instance, it’s planned to double the present amount of Superchargers, leading to approximately 23,000 units. Basically, the goal is to cover not less than 95% of population in all active markets with an access to Supercharger.