Such consumption was made by Reuters according to supply chain soursces.

Tesla Model Y compact SUV should become the next mass-produced passenger car launched by Tesla after Model 3. Though, there is no official data yet on Model Y’s planned production timing, as well as the date of unveiling the production (or a concept) version. However, information gathered by Reuters allows to make some predictions on production launch.

The report says that several automotive suppliers recently received a Request for Information from Tesla about Model Y parts. Usually, such requests are sent by automakers several years in advance of planned launch of a new models in order to get competitive bids.

Tesla’s Request details are not disclosed, however, some specifics and stated timing may be a signal of preparing a Model Y launch. The date when the parts production should be etablished is scheduled on November 2019.

Nevertheless, we can’t make solid conclusions on a date of Model Y launch based on such assumptions. Frequently it happens so, that Tesla deliberately states more aggressive timing for suppliers, than it finally comes out in reality – for instance, Model 3 production had been launched several weeks after the deadline stated for supply chains.