Hurricane Irma is close to the Florida shore, causing millions of people to be evacuated from. Such conditions effects huge traffic jams on the way north, as well as fuel shortage. There also are many Tesla owners in the state, driving north while using Supercharger network, though 60 and 60D modifications owners have a shortage of range – that had been recenlty eliminated by Tesla.

Tesla used to offer the 60 and 60D options for Model S and Model X resulting a less expensive vehicles – however, those cars are equipped with 75 kWh batteries being limited to 60 kWh capacity via software. Full battery capacity is available via additional purchase.

However, Tesla had temporarily granted additional 15 kWh to all 60 and 60D owners for free in the region. Although there is a plenty of Supercharger stations in Florida, additional 30-40 miles of range won’t be useless.

We wish everyone to stay safe.