While commenting Tesla’s Q3 2019 report, Elon Musk did not say much about the upcoming pickup despite the fact that it has all chances to become the company’s best product so far. A few weeks before that Musk also claimed it won’t look like any render or drawing one may see in web now – he said it would be closer to a futuristic armored personnel carrier from a fiction movie.

This summer Musk scheduled Pickup unveiling on November. There was no denial of this appointment yet, so we decided to create a Tesla Pickup factsheet based on the rumors and information leaked from Musk and other trustworthy sources.

1.It will be bigger than pickups we are used to.

The sketch shown during the Semi unveiling supports that – giant pickup looks almost exactly like Semi itself, carrying something like Ford F-series on its cargo platform.

2. It will be a 6-seater.

3. The range will come close to 400-500 miles (650-800 km) or even higher.

According to Musk, the pickup platform should be suitable for a big battery pack – there are much more opportunities than Model S or Model X platforms have.

4. Dual-motor, all-wheel drive and smart air suspension in standard.

5. The pickup will be equipped with 240-volt outlet for heavy tools and air compressor for air tools.

6. Towing capacity of 300,000 lbs (over 130 tons)

Even though it sounds crazy and should meet a lot of skepticism, it is necessary to remember how easy it was for Tesla Model X to tow a Boeing jet.