Pickups are extremely popular on Tesla’s domestic US market, as well as several others. Thus it is very likely for Tesla to finally enter this segment – and moreover, the automaker already works on this project. Some pieces of information were already published – for instance, at the Tesla Semi unveiling event or during Elon Musk’s tweetstorms.

Here are several facts we already know about the upcoming all-electric pickup truck.

– It will be bigger than pickups we are used to.

The sketch shown during the Semi unveiling supports that – giant pickup looks almost exactly like Semi itself, carrying something like Ford F-series on its cargo platform.

– It will be a 6-seater.

– The range will come close to 400-500 miles (650-800 km) or even higher.

According to Musk, the pickup platform should be suitable for a big battery pack – there are much more opportunities than Model S or Model X platforms have.

– Dual-motor, all-wheel drive and smart air suspension in standard.

– The pickup will be equipped with 240-volt outlet for heavy tools and air compressor for air tools.

– Towing capacity of 300,000 lbs (over 130 tons)

Even though it sounds crazy and should meet a lot of skepticism, it is necessary to remember how easy it was for Tesla Model X to tow a Boeing jet.