Tesla unveiled a new product – or, actually, a part of Autopilot infrastructure. All Model S, Model X and upcoming Model 3 will have a new hardware, capable of 100% self-driving. Read further for details.


Upgraded autopilot hardware consists of 8 cameras (3 of which are front-facing), better ultrasonic sensors, the radar (which we already are familiar with) and a new Nvidia GPU Titan computer, that is 40x more powerful than the old one.

That is the kit each and every Tesla get now. 8 cameras provide a 360-degree and 250 metres range view for the autopilot system, empowered with ultrasonic sensors capable of distinguishing hard and soft objects. The radar is able to ‘see’ through the rain, snow, dust, fog and even vehicles ahead.

However, vehicles with new hardware will lack accustomed autopilot features like automatic emergency breaking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control since an upgraded system should be calibrated using millions of real-world miles via fleet-learning. All those features would be activated in a few months over-the-air, making all cars more capable over time.

Additionally, today Tesla published a video with 100% self-driving Tesla Model X. The car cruises through the city without any driver’s assistance. Then, the driver leaves the car in a place of destination, though Tesla goes for a parking spot searching.