Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus and others did not managed to keep up with Model 3 sales in the US during July.

July brought a new milestone to Tesla Model 3 – mid-sized electric sedan outsold all of its competitors on the US market. However, it is necessary to look at the figures to understand how big the difference really is.

According to official estimations, Tesla sold approximately 13,000 Model 3 units in July. This can hardly be compared with 3,800 Mercedes C-class, 3,400 Audi A4, 3,200 BMW 3-series and 2,100 Lexus IS.

Moreover, there is another fact supporting Model 3’s outstanding sales during the month – Mercedes-Benz sold less passenger cars all models combined (including SUVs), resulting approximately 8,500 cars delivered in July.

This is a truly great success for Tesla with a car carrying so much hope put on. However, the upcoming future is even more interesting, considering the increasing Model 3 production and deliveries ramp up.