Did they even had a chance?

While announcing Tesla Model 3 Performance specification, Elon Musk claimed it’s going to be faster than competitive sportcars, including popular BMW M3. Chinese ‘Know the Car’ decided to check the claim, since Model 3 sales in China started recently.

Model 3 Performance test was conducted with BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 as the main competitors, accompanied by Ferrari 488 GTB and Nissan GT-R. The test was performed at the Goldenport Park Circuit in Beijing and consisted of two disciplines – drag racing on a straight and time-attack with a professiona racing driver behind the wheel. Noticeably, Goldenport Park Circuit consists of many turns that are very demanding for the car’s chassis.

Drag racing results are expected – due to the instant torque of electric motors, Model 3 didn’t leave any chance to its competitors.

Model 3’s lap times are not much less impressive. The electric car showed the best result of 01:18.62, Mercedes followed with 01:20.23 and BMW fell 4 seconds behind Tesla with 01:22.67. Obviously, Ferrari and Nissan became the quickest with 01:16.31 and 01:15.23 respectively.

Know the Car released the video of a test-drive (Chinese language):