Recent photoshoot of three Model 3 prototypes in Silicon Valley gives us a great glimpse on the car’s interior. Including the central screen that is the only display available for driver.

Screen on those cars are in developer’s mode, providing a detailed look at the car’s state. The interface in general mode will look totally different of course.

However, what is unlikely to have major changes is the left part of screen and the toolbar in the bottom. The latter looks quite the same as Model S’ and Model X’s – it carries the quick launch icons including the car’s settings, seating heat, climate, media and navigation.

The most space of the screen’s left part is taken by the Model 3’s image with buttons to open the trunk and front trunk, as well as the charging port. Charge level and drive mode indicator (the car is parked on the screenshot – ‘P’) are located above. Likely, the drive mode indicator will be changing to speed indicator after the car starts to move.

The section below worth a special attention. It has a large ‘Navigate’ button with quick access to saved places of destination – particularly, home and work address. Probably, this section would be available always before the car starts driving – it would be enough to choose the destination and hit ‘Navigate’ for the car to start autonomous ride when the gear selector is in Autopilot mode.