Tesla Model S P100D had already been claimed as the world’s quickest production car in terms of 0-60 mph acceleration – electric car from California makes it only after 2.5 sec from being still. However, the last firmware update brings Tesla owners even better dynamics with a ‘secret’ Ludicrous+ mode – to activate it, simply press and hold ‘Ludicrous’ button in the car settings menu for 5 seconds. After you choose the obvious answer in a funny popping message, your P100D will get approximately 35 additional horsepower (totalling for 780 hp or about 573 kW) and be able to reach 60 mph in 2.4 sec! The most amazing thing here is that the dynamics improvement is only a matter of software being activated ‘right here, right now and for free’. First P100D owners had already tested the Ludicrous+ mode, for instance – DragTimes channel: