The patent is published already

Elon Musk stated several times that Tesla’s priority is the simplification of a manufacturing process. Only this way it is possible to ramp up production, saving prices and satisfying the raising demand. The issue is becoming more important when it gets closer to the Model Y production start since it’s expected to be highly demanded.

Last week Tesla’s new production patent became disclosed. It contents of a great manufacturing process update with a massive machine that casts the car’s body in one piece.

The major problem of todays automotive manufacturing is the fragmentation of a production lines. The vehicle’s various body parts are produced on several machines and often there is a unique machine that produces only one tiny part. Then all those parts are assembled together by robots or factory workers.

A new Tesla’s project is a giant and complex machinery, consisted of several casting ports that are coming together at the central hub, thus making the full car’s body at one place. This should allow a gross costs and labour savings.

For now there are no exact details on the new casting machine’s launch. Though, probably such machines are going to be installed at the Fremont factory, as well as the Gigafactory 3 in China.