The last week’s Tesla CYBRTRCK unveiling event went quite quickly – even though we got most inportant details about the truck, several questions were still unclear.

However, Elon Musk stated some points in his tweets after the event. For instance, about the additional equipment that is possible to order with CYBRTRCK.

First of all, the ATV which grabbed much attention during the event and afterwards will be the addition to a truck. So far there is no information about ATV direct sales.

Another thing about CYBRTRCK’s add-ons is the solar panel mounted of the pickup’s bed cover. The system is said to add about 15 miles of range per day. Elon Musk also said that pickup may get more solar panels which would retract when the car is parked to get more free energy.

Finally, Tesla is expected to include the camping equipment pictured on one of official CYBRTRCK images. Seems that it will include the tent cover with sleeping beds mounted on top of the cargo platform, and several compartments for kitchen staff sliding out.