Even more, by 2025 every second Porsche sold should be either all-electric or hybrid.

Seemingly, exactly Porsche is one of the automakers, that pay extremely careful attention to its customers’ and fans’ requirements. Strategy that includes dropping of diesel propulsion is not an exclusion from the rule.

Porsche claims, that, say, 63% of all Panamera sold are hybrid. At the same time, the share of diesel vehicles is dropping several years in a row – for instance, in 2017 only 12% of Porsche cars sold had the diesel-powered engine under the hood.

First electric car made by Porsche from scratch should enter the market in 2019 – and Taycan is expected to combine everything we love Porsche for with excellent technological advancements of electric drivetrain. In general, by 2022 the automaker plans to invest about 6 billion euros into their e-mobility division, keeping an eye on polishing the petrol engines technologies and gradually getting rid of diesel.