Porsche’s all-electric Mission E prototype had been spotted recently near the company’s research centre in Weissach, Germany. Electric sedan is being tested with its own body, thoroughly covered with camouflage. However, it is absolutely clear, that the car looks very similar to the Mission E concept and features quite the same body shape, design elements, optics and windows.

It is also interesting, that Mission E prototype had been spotted accompanied by Tesla Model S and Model X. Probably, Porsche use them as the benchmark while fine-tuning their first all-electric car.

By the way, the test car has two fake exhaust pipes – probably, in order to confuse the public. Of course, the Mission E doesn’t need those, since it is expected to have a battery pack capable of 500 km (310 miles) range and two electric motors with over 600 hp output. Moreover, Porsche claimed the Mission E to feature an ultra-fast charging option, allowing it to add up to 80% of energy in 15 minutes.

Picture credits – Motor1