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    Segway X2 SE

    TYRE 21″
    BATTERY TYPE (Li-ion)
    SIZE 630*480mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)28km

    Max Speed20km/h

    Motor Power1500W

    Max Load120kg


    Segway PT x2 SE

    The PT x2 SE is the ideal companion to go off-road

    The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) x2 SE features improved performance on rough and hilly terrains and a minimal impact on the environment at the same time. It is equipped with all-terrain low-pressure tires, rugged fenders, high-performance Saphion Lithium-Ion batteries as well as the wireless Info Key.

    The rugged Segway PT x2 SE takes you almost anywhere – on gravel roads, over hilly terrain or along the beach.

    The low-pressure tires of the Segway x2 SE minimize the depth of tire tracks and absorb shock resulting from hard grounds. A consistent central sipe in the tire tread profile helps the tires grip the road surface and ensures a quiet drive. The wider track increases the stability of the vehicle on uneven grounds such as sand, grass, gravel or pavement. The light-weight aluminum frame eases loading and unloading into and out of vehicles, it also serves as the structure for baggage.

    The PT x2 SE is exclusively available in anodized black. Comprehensive and high-quality accessories complement the Segway PT x2 SE in regards to comfort, security, protection and transport capacity. The Segway PT i2 SE is allowed on public roads when equipped with the Swiss Road Kit (image without Swiss Road Kit).