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    Robstep M2

    TYRE 8,35″
    BATTERY TYPE (Li-ion)
    SIZE 1400*455*530mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)20-30km

    Max Speed15km/h

    Motor Power1000W

    Max Load120kg


    Robstep-M2 is positioned as a more upscale quality products. Early in the design, modeling it after careful consideration, not only bearing structure from top components, but also to consider the long-lasting stability and high-end visual modeling. Learning from the high-end sports car design, the exterior design with streamlined, which is more dynamic and powerful.

    Add front and back lamps

    Added LED lighting effects in car body, in addition to a warning, and reflected light from each other with the body, the appearance gives people a dazzling experience.voice prompts

    Communicate the users through the voice , prompting the car information.

    Battery quick release and upgrade

    Battery and human board can be departed, allowing to travel farther,easier to charge battery and

    Repair; strict control on battery life, when mileage exceeds a certain value will automatically alarm; while providing battery charging treasure feature, you can give the phone to charge items and other third parties.

    The pedal and suspension upgrade

    Pedal stable and reliable, able to effectively play the damping effect of dirt, easy to clean, hard to leave footprints, Slippery, especially when the water is on the surface,consider gravity sensor solutions to facilitate sampling data for fault analysis.

    Detachable steering column

    In order to achieve the product position of lightweight,the steering column can be disassembled easily to make the car occupy a smaller space,then put it into the car trunk.

    Vacuum tire

    Using uniform standard vacuum tire,wearproof and explosion-proof.It is neither too hard nor too soft,which plays a damping effect and can reduce running resistance.multi-axis sensor control

    A full range of motor control upgrade, the body will be quieter and more comfortable.