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    IPS Zero

    TYRE 14″
    BATTERY TYPE (Li-ion)
    SIZE 382*168*481mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)30km

    Max Speed20km/h

    Motor Power800W

    Max Load120kg


    Inspired by the ZERO, but not simple

    ZERO is 0, insisted everything from scratch, return to the original mind, we aim to stringent attitude, adopt a different way of thinking and in the past, to create products for the public. Designers departure from the concept of the wheels, from design to development, and always carry out simple thought, removing a drag on past products exist, only the necessary accessories to the product itself together as

    ZERO. After repeated scrutiny and improvement, IPS ZERO emerged. Our sincere attitude towards ZERO creation and production, enough to show our sincerity, but also reflects the ZERO simplify the creation of intention. ZERO subvert the natural appearance of the original wheelbarrow, the whole body without any exposed screws and plastic joints, at the same time meet the structural design, superb technology, to explore the higher color value, just for the love of the trend of your custom.

    Faster, maneuvering fast

    The controller uses self-developed technology Field-oriented control (field-oriented control system),

    Ensure good sense of control. Between energy consumption and performance, so the power system has been outstanding balance.

    ZERO ST dual use mos design, Intersil chip drive

    Dynamic, high-speed motor only provides more power, a top speed of 30km/h

    Farther, far out of reach

    Optimize power supply systems, independent research and development FOC vector control, and motor precision adjustment, better understanding output power program.

    Maxim BMS battery protection system, TI LM 5576 power management system,

    Power recovery system, the same power, to go further.

    Lighter, floated want light drunk

    Choose lightweight motors, magnesium alloy frame, abandon any burden,

    Make every effort, the ultimate lightweight, making ZERO weight of only about 10kg.

    Highly saturated colors, so you at night, such as the wizard-like movement.

    Lighting effects can set the heart,

    Meet the visual needs while also remaining battery reminder,

    Instantly give you a warm hint.

    Security is a prerequisite wheelbarrow

    Lights, alarm sound, faking, three intelligent safety warning system to ensure the safety of every user.

    When riding too fast or other abnormality occurs, the rider will be given a warning to ensure safety.

    IP65 class protection, rain not disappointed

    ZERO aluminum box with IPS unique design, but also on the water system of the vehicle has been upgraded; go inside the body lines are each pass through the waterproof layer, greatly improving the control board waterproof performance; we just do not want to let the rain sweep your Xing, for which we are willing to put effort.