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    IPS Makalue

    TYRE 16″
    BATTERY TYPE (Li-ion)
    SIZE 455*687*222mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)45km

    Max Speed20km/h

    Motor Power1000W

    Max Load120kg


    IPS Makalue self balancing electric scooter for yourself. This electric scooter is different from the ordinary, obtaining a seat which can ensure comfortable riding.

    The seat of this electric scooter is well designed, suitable and comfortable to sit while riding. This IPS

    Makalue self balancing electric scooter also features innovative redundancy torque. The torque output is enough even if the speed reaches 19.9km/h, which can guarantee the security of immediate stop.

    With 3-inch wide tire, this electric unicycle can provide you most stable riding experience that you never have. It is much more safer and comfortable to slide on almost all kinds of roads easily. With Bluetooth 4.0 and intelligent APP, you can connect your phone with the MAKALUE easily and conveniently your riding speed, mileage and battery level more intelligent and more humanized.This one wheel electric scooter obtains super high capacity battery. Panasonic or Sony highest quality battery can provide you long-endurance traveling experience.

    Applying top-rated control system, this electric unicycle is stable, smooth, powerful and much easier to control and operate. Intelligent technology and subtle measurement can fully protect you.

    By now, you can have a clear mind of this special type IPS Makalue self balancing electric scooter from the above. It is no doubt that this IPS is a great and amazing product. If you need a seat type electric scooter, this IPS Makalue is absolutely your top choice.