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    A2B Shima

    TYRE 24″
    FULL CHARGE TIME 3-4 hour
    BATTERY CAPACITY 13.2Ah (17,5Ah battery option)
    BATTERY TYPE 36v(Li-ion)
    SIZE 1745*650*1070mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)30-40km

    Max Speed30-40km/h

    Motor Power500W

    Max Load140kg



    product_shima_black_detail_800_560_84Named after Hideo Shima, the driving force behind the first bullet train.
    Our popular speed pedelec, the Shima offers all the benefits of pedal assist, with a faster top speed. Its 500W propulsion system gives this sporty, dynamic model best-in-class performance.


    Engineered to deliver a faster top speed, the Shima is the perfect marriage of performance and style.

    Belying the model’s impressive potential, its design features a comfortable upright seating position that not only looks good, but ensures ease of use. As you’ll discover, the Shima may move fast, but it attracts many long, admiring glances.


    The Shima’s revolutionary design delivers on expectations of speed while offering clean, honest design.
    The model’s faster top speed of 45km/h (28mph) and up to 60km (37.2 miles)* range is enhanced by Tektro Dorado hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear and front wheel suspension and puncture resistant tyres. The powerful Shima also offers the option to purchase a larger 17ah battery to extend its range.

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.