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    A2B Octave

    TYRE 20″
    FULL CHARGE TIME 4-6 hour
    BATTERY TYPE 36v(Li-ion)
    SIZE 1790*695*1105mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)30-40km

    Max Speed30-40km/h

    Motor Power500W

    Max Load140kg



    WEBSITE-internal_panels_A2B-Octave_800_500_84Named after Octave Chanute, railway engineer and aviation pioneer The Octave’s smooth, clean lines turn heads, while its revolutionary performance continues to impress. Proud of its history and innovative design, this model ensures you will stand out from the crowd with a bike that is anything but typical.


    The Octave (formerly known as the Metro) made history as the first model ever to be purpose designed and built as an electric bike – rather than a bike with added electrics or motor. The Octave’s smooth, clean lines and deliberately robust, industrial design make sure you stand out in a crowd. While minimal external components ensure that the model’s frame does the talking.


    Taking its cue from popular scooters, the Octave’s handle bar-based throttle grip gives power on demand, with a maximum speed of 20mph. The model’s more upright seating position ensures comfort, while the option of a second, integrated battery (to complement the e-bike’s removable battery), extends its range to a possible 40 miles*.

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.