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    A2B Ferber

    TYRE 26″
    FULL CHARGE TIME 4-6 hour
    BATTERY TYPE 36v(Li-ion)
    SIZE 1750*630*1080mm
    GUARANTEE 1 year


    Range (Full Charge)50-60km

    Max Speed30-40km/h

    Motor Power500W

    Max Load140kg



    product_ferber_white_detail_800_560_84Named after Ferdinand Ferber, a pivotal contributor to aviation development in Europe.
    Designed with a more traditional sensibility, the Ferber combines faster, more responsive manoeuvrability with wider, 26” wheels for a more upright and comfortable ride. This thoughtfully designed model offers all the advantages of a conventional bike, with the reassurance of power when you need it.


    With its convenient luggage rack and relaxed upright sitting position, the Ferber was designed with a deliberately traditional feel. Taking its cues from conventional bikes, this reassuringly responsive model allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings with comfort and ease – but considerably less effort.


    The Ferber’s 26” wheels offer faster manoeuvrability and improved response to fast direction changes.

    It also responds well to angular direction change. With a maximum speed of 32km/h (20mph) and a range of up to 64km (40 miles)*, the Ferber meets the need of a range of lifestyles and opens up a world of new possibilities.

    * Dependant on power setting, rider and riding conditions.