Group purchases of cars in order to reduce the price are quite common in some countries. Over last few years they’ve become a way for EV advocates to enhance the financial benefits of using an electric car. Sometimes they lead to sufficiently high-volume orders – e.g., last year’s group purchase of 100 Fiat 500e. Though, a group of EV enthusiasts from Quebec, Canada, are on a way of setting an ultimate record – they plan to buy an astounding 2,788 Nissan Leafs.


The group buy organizers, Nissan Montreal dealership and Nissan America agreed on a significant discount of $8,349 on a Leaf, which combined with Federal and State tax credits reduces the price to a more than reasonable $12,130 for a Leaf S. The high-end Leaf SV with all discounts would be priced at $16,685.

At this point there is a question of enough cars availability – since even if a half of people signed up would refuse to purchase a Leaf, it would still double entire Leaf sales in Canada, and more than Nissan delivered to US last month. However, there are new applications coming up every day – so this group buy if turned out successfully would significantly increase the amount of EVs in Canada (right now there are about 11,000 EVs in Quebec).

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