Nissan released quite brave plan, considering the total annual sales of 5 million cars. However, it’s not that simple.

The figure of 1 million cars sounds much less dramatic considering that Nissan talks not only about electric vehicles. The company’s strategy includes much broader (and easier in terms of sales) variety of electrified cars – that, for instance, includes hybrids with e-POWER technology, where the battery pack is being charged by the gas generator. Those cars actually works on gas since there is no charge port to plug in, even though these hybrids are much more efficient than traditional gasoline vehicles.

There are several main parts in the list of Nissan’s electrification plan, including the following:
– introduction of 8 new all-electric models
– launching an electric car specially for Chinese market
– new electric kei-car in Japan
– global electric SUV on a basis of IMx concept
– Infiniti lineup electrification
– autonomous driving systems continuing development.